Letter to Jay: Come Out Of Your Shell

In our day-to-day lives we often hear these words “don’t give up” right? Yeah, I know it sounds cliché and we’re damn used to it, it’s just words you say.

Have you ever felt so lonely, downcast, rejected, so behind schedule…,it feels like your heart wants to pop right out of your chest just because nothing seems to be working?

At this point you’re filled with disappointment and sadness… It is only then that the words, “don’t give up” really make sense. There’s hope buddy, don’t give up, no matter the challenge. You’ll definitely pull through, however not by ‘yourself’.

You can’t remain in your shell forever you know, you can’t keep storing up those negative feelings that come from unaccomplishments in your life.

In life, you’ll have pain but know that every pain always forgets to leave gain at home. There are life lessons we learn through the challenges we face, which no philosopher can instill in you by mere words.

Coming out of your shell entails telling yourself the truth, talking to someone, embracing love, giving love, and praying(talk to God), He alone knows it all. Scripture tells us clearly, “if anyone is afflicted, let him pray”.

When you pray, you literally cast off those loads and burdens that have weighed you down to God. You were never made to walk this earth alone. You really need God to live and to feel alive in your spirit because He is a life-giving Spirit.

Jay: Lord, why do I keep doing the wrong things, why am I so inconsistent, when will this hardship end?

Lord: I am teaching you endurance and how to call upon me in your distress. You don’t need to remain in your shell, come out, just as you are. I’m here to clean up your mess and to adorn you with my presence. You soar only in my presence, others may choose to walk, run or fly but YOU SOAR!

So, buddy you need to pray, enjoy the fellowship of God’s presence, get out of your bed, and start walking towards destiny, no matter how little the steps are. Go on that journey of faith, in the end it’ll be worth it.

Stop being afraid of what people will say or think, you owe no man nothing except love. There’s love out there, embrace it, there’s love within you, give it. Reach out to people, truth is we all need each other to pull through, you can’t do it alone.

Finally, pray, again I say, pray. He listens to the cries of your heart. He is the one behind the wheels of your life and he’ll surely get you to that place of destiny.

Letter to my Lord: Lord, right now, I’m weak and helpless all by my self, strengthen me for the journey ahead, bring me to that place of fellowship with your Spirit. Set my heart ablaze for you, my Lord. For in the end, the ultimate goal of life was always and is still to know You, my Lord. Thank you so much for your unending love. Your son, Jay.

13 thoughts on “Letter to Jay: Come Out Of Your Shell

  1. No one should hide any feelings under the blankets, only one way to get rid of them to express them, in our own way, doesn’t matter or thru the music, painting or screaming in the forest🎈

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  2. I remember how you were so insistent on owning a blog and you’ll always ask me how I do it..I read this and almost cried,this is very beautiful and insightful, proud of you dear,love love love it!❤

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