Words: a kind of seasoning

Who are you talking to? Who are you listening to? What are you talking about? Remember God is paying attention and taking notes.

Today has been one kind of a day, nothing extra, just a regular day but it’s one wherein I get to rest on a Monday. It’s been months since that happened but thank God for the break from work.

So I decided to engage a dear friend in a conversation not knowing what it would turn out to be but it certainly was mind blowing!, how did it start?

I was scrolling through her whatsapp status and then I got lost in a scripture posted by a contact on her phone- Colossians 4:6(Msg)

We began discussing on how powerful words are, how they can affect people in diverse ways. I narrated a story I heard about a guy who ended up killing himself because of the jest made of him by his friends as a result of his big head.

So i asked her: how can people be more open about their insecurities?

She said something that struck me- “we really can’t do much about that but what we can do is to pray that God seasons our speech with salt and grace”.

I almost felt like praying that out loud when I heard that, and yes I exclaimed in the Holy Ghost language!

I was so excited especially for the way the conversation was progressing steadily in the light of scriptures. That is a prayer we all ought to pray. That prayer like a sudden illumination began opening up the doors for other scriptures to flow.

We then examined

James 3:10: –10Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. 11Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter? 12Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? either a vine, figs? so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh.

1Corinthians 15:33-33Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 

Malachi 3:16-17

16Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name. 

Before we opened the scripture in Malachi, I had told her that God is here with us listening to what we are saying and taking records, then I said I’ll show her from scripture. I remember reading it some time ago

She then made a light note, how that God like a secretary takes the minutes of our every meetings. The message translation says it that way.

Who are you listening to? Who are you talking to? What are you downloading?

God is always in our dms, and our everyday conversations, don’t pollute your heart by what you listen to.

Words are bitter or sweet, be careful of the fountain you draw your conversation from? It could be bitter or sweet.

Any words that don’t bless God are polluted fountains, run from it.

It may feel pleasant like worldly music but it still is bitter water.

Are your conversations worth recording by the angels of the heavenly armies?

You can either destroy a soul or make it better by spoken words. Let your words be seasoned with salt, for to season the lives of others. Speak the truth in love to all men. What is okay is okay, what is not isn’t…wrong communications or encouragement of such ought not to be seen among us, believers.

Season your words by listening to the right words- words that edify and minister grace.

This write-up here is courtesy of a conversation with Omotolani Obanisola✨, a friend, a fashion designer(#18th Fusion), a first class graduate of Business Administration from Bowen University, Nigeria. A native of Oyo state, Oyo-town, Sabo, born on 11th June, currently undergoing youth service and most importantly Abba’s baby!🤲🌟

Sweet Mother💛

Mother of Life!🌟
#mom @51✨

Just trying to recount years and experiences with mom that have altered the way my life would have gone leaves me with a deep sense of gratitude and joyful tears🥰

What would I have turned into if not for the words of instruction and counsel and comfort and encouragement received from one whom God carefully placed in my life for to mould me💪

I have seen how for many years up till now the consistency, hardwork, the perseverance, just to make sure we are fine and in God’s will, the unseen prayers that have kept us🤲

No amount of write-up can capture years of bonding, training, love, prayers and instructions to us. But what you have done for us, how you have patterned your life according to God’s will for us to see has really helped me in my walk with God and I’m sure for the rest of your fruit🌟

Thank you so much for all you have done and have been to us. You never let us down, you utilised God’s perfect grace to build with dad a good home for us. And I pray that God keeps you continually walking in His will, strengthen you and preserve you blameless till the day of Christ Jesus as you celebrate today. May celebrations never cease in your life ijn🙏

We love you and God loves you more💛

Happy Birthday Mom, your beauty and radiance even after 5 decades never dwindle because God’s presence encapsulates your soul. May you reap the fruit of your labor of love ijn.

Happy Birthday to the best mom ever!!!😍💜✨

The love that binds us can never be broken. When a home is built on love and a mother dedicates herself to building it with the Lord’s help, it can never fall✨❤️

What makes life meaningful?

Hii guys! I’m here again just to share my heart with you. As I lay here on my bed I feel an overwhelming sense of need that makes me ask the question: “what really makes life meaningful”?

In these days I see how a lot of people especially youths pursue a lot of worldly pleasures, everyone striving to make a name, to make it, (“to blow”). Of course you should do well in all things but don’t lose your heart in the midst of all your pursuits. And to narrow it all down, we can call it pursuit for money and fame. But after all this, what next??

What makes life meaningful really is never found in things that can not stand the test of time. Your heart can only be kept and guarded by an eternal substance. Why? Scripture says that God has placed eternity in the heart of every man. So no matter how much one acquires on earth as long as it is not an eternal substance it can never keep your heart.

Why should my heart be kept?

Anything that can be kept can be lost, isn’t it? So I ask how can a man keep his heart? A lot of folks have lost their heart to the world, to their lusts, to the struggles of life and everything that cannot stand the test of time. Many in the journey of life give up, their hearts fail them and so they commit suicide, or renounce their faith, they just give up on the subject of life, so many though alive are dead (walking dead). It is pertinent for you to know that the devil is after the heart of every man. Scripture says what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul(heart)

You must fight for your heart to be steadfast in the Lord. A lot of things will come your way to test your heart strength- anxiety, guilt, fear, depression, weaknesses, etc, these things will sure come to weigh your heart down, to water down your faith and love for God, men and even your self. But you must sustain your heart with what is eternal- the eternal Word of Life. A man keeps his heart through the Word of God.

A man keeps his heart also in the place of prayer. Scripture says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man maketh tremendous power available, dynamic in it’s working. It is that power generated in the place of prayer that sustains your heart in conjunction with the eternal Word

Is your heart failing, are you fainting, are you feeling lost, overwhelmed by the weight of your sin, by the struggles of life, by your weaknesses? Just look to Jesus, he never condemns, He is praying for you so hold on to him, pour your heart out to Him, He listens and He is ever willing to help you, to lead you out of where you are to where He is.

Don’t let ideology of men, society shape your life, quit living that lie, rather go for the truth, go for real love, go for eternal life. Chase after these things with all of you because in the end that’s all that matters. All these can only be found in Jesus Christ, none other✌️

Lost and found!!!

Missing heart?

Missing identity?

Missing person?

It’s all in Christ, just go to Him and let Him help you walk in the light of truth.

Inscriptions of Love💛

Where do I start from, and how do I start? I feel like a stranger to my pen. When it ought to be sharper by now, because I abandoned it its strength for words waned.

Where is this pen? Have I lost it? In fact what is this pen? There’s no literal pen because that pen is my heart which I use to write my love letters to Abba. It’s ßeen a while I wrote to my lover, my first and only love. It’s been a while pen met paper, however no matter how far the pen has been, when it is ready to write, the paper will always be there.

What sharpens the pen is deep conversations, inscriptions of a weary soul, of a dry and thirsty heart. For a while now only scribbles of pen have been the order of the days gone by. How could the pen be sharp? It’s ßeen a while we had those deep talks, it’s been a while I wrote on you- I could blame it on ßusyness, but really he isn’t to blame.

I have come to write again, even with my heart, my ever present pen on my lovers heart. When heart meets heart, passion is ignited.

I just love your heart, it keeps pulling me in, pulling me closer and taking me deeper. Who can love like you? Nothing and no one as romantic as you, your love so sweet but why my heart chase lusts of the world, I know not, chasings that leads to regrets.

When my heart seems to fail me, when words fail to make sense, when strength is lost, only you can I run to, only you satisfy the longings of my soul and deliver me from lusts and pursuits that bring sorrrows. There is a place my heart yearns for you.

The pen has missed the paper. The paper says come lemme sharpen you again through inscriptions of love and life. As you inscribe words of eternity upon my heart, my pen knows how to feel again, rush of holy vibes and emotions that awaken love again, and again my pen knows how to initiate deep conversations upon the paper and as it does so, it is no doubt sharpened.

Men are shaped and sharpened or made blunt by the words they hear. Inscriptions of love upon the hearts of men is what He wants to do, he does that through conversations unheard, the silent conversations of the heart, where secrets are shared and exposed. In all, no matter how far your heart has strayed, fix your gaze upon His love, and listen for his inscriptions upon your heart so that your heart or pen can know what to say and feel when He speaks and in any situation.

He inscribes his law of love and life upon our hearts so our hearts can know how to respond to Him and to life. Never have I ever seen a love so good!

No matter where you are or what you are going through right now, know that His love is the difference. Stay conscious of God’s love, of which nothing can separate us from, knowing that all things are working together for our good because we love God. Sharpen the countenance of our hearts with your love💛

Make sharp again the blunt pen so it can write love letters upon the paper, your heart❤️


Can you put on something you are ashamed of? Can you hide something you have already put on? What are you wearing?

A lot of people are very conscious of how they look outwardly, how their clothes look, their face and all thus the essence of the mirror. All these self conscious attitude is a natural phenomenon common with all men.

But there is a consciousness that is not of outward self, rather a consciousness of spirit. Just as you are conscious of how you look outwardly you ought to be much more conscious of how you look inwardly because you see that inward man is actually the real you. Your outward man is not the real you, it’s only a casing for the real you.

The inward man has two kinds of wears: a) the old man b) the new man

For a long time we have put on the old man fashioned after ‘deceitful lusts’

(Ephesians 4:22-24) -“22that ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; 23and be renewed in the spirit of your mind; 24and that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.”

The brand of that wear called the “old man” is “deceitful lusts”. It’s high time to take off that old man because it smells, it’s outdated, it has no value and it is a lie, it is deceitful. It only makes one filthy and unworthy, and value-less.

Christ came to hand over to us the new man fashioned after righteousness leading to holiness. You can only see God when you wear that “new man” for scripture says “without holiness no man will see the Lord”. The brand of the ” new man” is “righteousness leading to holiness”

This wear called “new man” is so pure, so fashionable, so comfy, so attractive, how can you not afford to wear such an expensive, infact invaluable wear. There is no wear on earth, (name the latest designer’s wears) that can come close in superiority to this wear called “new man”, they can’t even be compared really.

Just as you can’t put a price on the blood of Christ so you can’t put a price on that wear called “new man” for Christ is the new man that we ought to wear on a daily basis. It simply means your life ought to give expression to the natures of Christ Jesus.

How can I get this wear called “new man”? All you need to do is accept Christ Jesus as your Lord and savior, surrendering all to him, asking him to cleanse and wash you in His blood and then going further to learn his ways through his Word. For his Word is that mirror that we need to check if our inward man is looking alright. (James 1:22-25)

When last did you check the mirror? It’s not too late to check again, just open those pages of the scriptures and make the necessary adjustments.

Wow! Now you look stunning! That mirror of the word is the perfect plug for your beauty!

#unashamed #thegospelofchrist #newman