Engulfed in the deep ocean of life are the souls of many, yelling noiselessly for a saviour.

I recall an experience I had when I was say eight-years. It was a hot afternoon when our class went on an excursion to ‘Blue Island’. It was a place full of pools. And in a split moment I slipped into the water, having no swim experience prior, I began to drown, screaming to no avail for help as I took in more than enough gulps of tasteful water. I thought that was the end but fortunately it wasn’t, something strange happened during that encounter. Just follow me.

I saw a movie recently ” All the money in the world” and there was a scene in which a son was put in charge of the Father’s empire, it was too much for Him to handle he thought aloud but too golden to resist. His Father made a striking statement as He tried to resist “I have given it to you, sink or swim”.

Drowned in the ocean of life are the souls of many overcome by the storms and waves of life. At the sight of oncoming waves the focus shifts, hearts fail and the drown inevitable.

“You called me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail, and there I find you in the mystery, in oceans deep my faith will stand…”. These lyrics to the song “Oceans” tells me that God wants us to come out on the waters because that’s where you’ll find Him. The treasures of life are not found on surfaces but in the deep. He calls us out into the deep so we can find His treasures.

Many drown in the ocean of life because they’d rather stay stuck in a boat that’s about to be ship wrecked instead of getting out on the water to meet the one who calls us. As long as Peter’s eyes were on Jesus He walked upon the water. But the storms of life often distract us from the one we ought to be looking at so we start sinking.

The issue is not in sinking but refusing to fight for survival, and how do you do that? By calling on to Jesus. Sustain your focus on Jesus so that He becomes magnified in your life, while the waves diminish. In the song “how deep is the love” there’s a line that says “the darker the days, the brighter the focus”.

Out of your comfort zone (the boat) you will often fall, with strength failing you and doubts arising but it is in your reaching out that you stay afloat in the ocean of life.

So as I screamed helplessly for help, my soul fighting for survival, suddenly I felt something like a stone which I held onto as I quaked with fear and I found myself afloat again. They were like stools in the water for people to hold on to. I clung tight to it until I got out of that horrific experience.

Are you brave enough to accept the challenge to go out into the deep waters of life like Peter? and after you do, are you willing to accept the fears, failings and doubts that will arise as a result of tide? He calls us out into deep oceans and lets us fall so we can learn to call, He lets us sink so we can learn to cling. It’s in the calling, and in the clinging that we rise above the storm to walk on deep waters. Like the man in the movie, will you sink or will you cling?

I use this as a form of encouragement for you and I to say that when life throws stuff at you that can cause you to drown, doubt, to fall and to sink, don’t just keep silent, call, cling, fight to survive.

Don’t carry your burdens alone, remember you have to be light to stay afloat and not drown. Strip them off and lay them at Jesus’ feet. Reach out to others. If you don’t want to go so low, don’t go solo!, if you don’t want to keep sinking, keep clinging, if you don’t want to keep falling, keep calling.


It was a message of love. A message of the enormity and recklessness of God’s love. This message made me see that I had not yet began LIVING, I had only been existing all along but a change was on its way.

God wants to be the first in your life, He wants to be your number one above every and any other. He craves for your attention but many of us just ignore Him. Many of you who have been in a relationship know how hurtful it is when your partner is not giving you the attention you desire.

So scripture says “we love him because HE FIRST LOVED US”. You didn’t need to be any extra for Him to love you. Before that girl or guy came along He loved you already. Even in your mess He still loves you.

You rarely find people who loves you when they’ve seen the ugly side of you, yet you lose your peace, joy, personality and sanity for them. You worry so much when you don’t see their text first thing in the morning but there’s one who has been texting you, dialing you but you ignore Him.

It’s time to pick up that call and listen to His sweet words about you, about your future. He never gets bored of your conversations, or gets pissed by your ravings, He never gets tired of looking at your face, He watches you with so much admiration even in your sleep, you remain the apple of His eyes. Despite all these many HAVE LEFT THEIR FIRST LOVE and are chasing after shadows. It’s time for us to return to our first love.

Without a love walk with Jesus everything you do on earth, everything you do in church, no matter how good it is will count for nothing in the end. 1 corinthians 13 tells us that no matter what you do even if you give your self to be burned and you don’t have a love walk with Jesus from whence our love toward others emanate you are nothing! Until you have a love walk with Jesus you will only be existing not yet LIVING. Let’s do a little physics here:

Work= Force × Distance

Your work that counts in God’s sight is equal to your effort in knowing and serving God multiplied by your love walk with God. While you are doing all you do be careful not to run ahead of Him or be behind Him because that’s when your ship of destiny begins to go off course. A love walk with Him is the only way to destiny–He is the way, the truth and the life.

A love walk with Jesus will propel you to work for Him but in the midst of your work it is possible to leave your first love like the church at Ephesus in the book of Revelations.

Revelation 2:4-“But I have this charge against you, that you have left your first love(you have lost the depth of love that you first had for me)”.

Work without a Walk is NO-THING.

In the above equation if your distance(love walk) is zero, your work done that counts to God is zero, simple math. However, you can’t have a love walk with Jesus and not work for Him.

Your effort in serving and knowing Him is dependent on your love walk, but don’t get so engrossed in the work like Martha and forget to stay with Jesus like Mary–this is the most important thing, the most tangible and it can never be taken from you.

Your value, self worth and confidence comes from your relationship with Jesus. Don’t throw your pearls to them that will trample it under foot. Don’t mortgage your destiny at the hands of man, craving a love that is never sufficient.

Until you learn to find joy, pleasure, excitement in God you will always be dissatisfied in your relationships with people even if your boyfriend or girlfriend is the finest in the world. And it is this feeling of joy, excitement, peace, LOVE that you project unto others in your relationships, marriage etc.

You may lament saying–my life is messed up Jeff, I’m not where I ought to be, I’m not experiencing joy in my relationships, I’m not satisfied. What I’ll tell you to do is to check your relationship with Jesus, how is it? Are you in a love walk or you’re just going through the motions, rendering empty service to God?

You need to ask yourself these tough questions. If you can solve this problem then your ship of destiny will fall back into alignment like mine was. I found something tangible, real, eternal, exciting, refreshing and that was GOD’s LOVE, embarking on a journey of LOVE with my Lover. It’s all about a LOVE WALK.

There’s joy in walking with Jesus. He remains your first love, don’t leave Him. He is still calling you, answer Him.

May the Lord restore your relationship with Him and may that joy of walking with Him reflect in your relationship with others and in your daily life in Jesus name. Amen. THE END🍸


I decided to take that confused stroll to church-October, 2018. And I remember, as I was drawing nearer to the place I was able to squeeze out few words of conscious prayer for the first time in a long while and I said under my breath “Lord please speak to me, help me because I don’t know what is going on”.

As I sat in the church, the preacher(Pastor Mega) was right on the pulpit about to start, boy! that was my first little sign that God was answering my prayers because I was expecting service to be rounding off at that time–remember I said I was hours late.

So she began by worshipping, then prayers and I tell you the whole place was charged up, I saw youths like me worshipping in reckless abandon, praying with all ‘heart’, I had never seen something like this in my life and for a moment I paused to wonder.

Then she began preaching on a message titled “first love” and as she spoke my heart burned, I couldn’t stop crying, she was talking to me! God was talking to me through her. He answered my silent prayer😊.

Luke 24:32- They asked each other, “were not our hearts burning within us while He(Jesus) talked with us on the road and opened the scriptures to us”?🔥

This emphasises the power of simple heart-felt prayers-just simply talking to God about your situation. Scripture says His words are like fire and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces! What is that hard thing in your life that you need God to help you with(pride, fear, insecurity etc) His word is what you need! His words redeem your future no matter how far you have strayed.

This is one of my favorite line in the song ‘Captain’ by Hillsong🎧– “Like the stars, your word will align my voyage…” His words sets us back on the right track.

After the service I went to meet her to open up about my situation, all along I kept it all in. I ended up talking with couple of leaders there. When you are in a tough place in life learn to reach out to others, you were never made to do life on your own. We were put here together on earth for a purpose, to bear each other’s burdens. Scripture says we should confess our faults one to another so that we will be healed!.

When I got back to my room I knew a weight had been lifted off me. That gloominess that surrounded me began to dissipate gradually. From then on God has ordered my life, aligned me into His will again, restored a love relationship with Him. Life has been amazing ever since. Life with God is the best way to live because outside of Him you’ll only be a shadow of yourself, merely existing but not yet truly LIVING(fulfilling purpose).

But what was the message?, what word made my heart burn?, why was I drenched in tears? Don’t miss out on the grand finale of this write-up–FIRST LOVE III😊


A day that left me drenched in my tears, a day never to be forgotten in the life of a 19 year old. It was October, 2018, a day I received something that can never be taken away from me.

The year 2018 is still one of the most eventful years in my life, new experiences came along, I also wanted to get some experience for my self and O’ did some of these experiences I so much craved for get me into a trouble of the mind.

Like a ship wandering off course, like a voyage out of alignment so was I from the path of life. The year that started so bright was about to end in tears for me but a darling came along just at the nick of time to give me an unforgettable experience, one that can never ever be taken away from me.

This write up is inspired by a sermon by my dear Pastor Mega, that caused a complete revolution in my life, a day that left me soaked in my tears, but also a day that I received something very tangible and I knew what it was, and I saw what that experience did to my life. If only you pay attention to these words, you can also come into this tangible experience.

To write in detail about how I was going off course from the path of life would be very arduous and unnecessary, that’s not the aim here, but what I can tell you is that I was looking for something that only one person in the world could give me and that’s “real love”. So I sought diligently for this in people, in things, I tried to be someone else so that I can be loved but on October 2018 I knew that I did not have to do anything extra to be immensely loved by Love Himself.

So in my confusion and fears I decided to stroll to a church I had heard of…I knew I was hours late, I never planned to go to church that sunday. Infact I had been playing soccer game(PES) from the time I got up in the morning. But there was a voice that kept prompting me to go to church, I felt uncomfortable where I was seated, playing the game. I then decided to stroll there in my confusion.

I say confusion because I was at a point in my life where I literally forgot how to pray or read my bible or pay attention to my school work(I just couldn’t), I was losing my hold on life!😳, and for the first time in my entire life I saw ‘depression’, it came onto me–but I thought it was just a fictional something, something I heard occurred to people but never really knew what it meant until it latched onto me.

These periods made me know what it means to be empty on the inside, and guess what I started doing, I ran to certain drinks, certain music, certain friends, at a point to certain strangers to fill that hole–they were snares to my soul as they drew me farther away from the path of life. And you know the worst part of these periods?–no one could really tell what was going on with me because I was still looking good on the outside, still barely afloat academically(although as one holding on to a slippery support) but crying on the inside😢.

Two songs kept me afloat during these dark days-“The Lord is my light” and “Every time I hear your voice” by Chris Delvan🎧.

After all these came the the GREAT STROLL TO FREEDOM💃🙏. To be continued in FIRST LOVE II, you can’t afford to miss what followed after….


There is a place of rest. There is a seat above. In the heat of the battle lies weary saints, fainting hearts and staggering knees. But there is a place of rest, a seat above from whence we behold the camp of the adversary. In that place of rest, from that height above we route this adversary in all his schemes–(Judges 7:1-25).

It is true that to get a good view of whatever is going on let’s say in any place, being on the heights is the best place to view the scene right? That’s why in Ephesians 2:6 Paul says: “And he raised us up together with Him(when we believed), and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, because we are in Christ Jesus.

Because God wants us to have a perfect view of life, a perfect view of the schemes of our adversary He, like a father raises up a child, also raises us up to a height….to that seat. In this place we must remain seated because that’s our seat of victory.

Gideon was carried up by God to that seat of victory where God revealed to Him the happenings in the camp of the enemy. All He needed to do was to blow the trumpet and then His enemies started destroying themselves. Hmm, when you are in that seat of victory what you are to do is to keep sounding your victory, keep praising, keep worshipping.

Just imagine a football stadium with all it’s fans(two sets of fan) for the teams competing. It is true that the fans who cheer their team on with more vigour have a higher chance of aiding their team to victory. Now we as Christians are in battle against the enemy(Satan) but really it is not our battle but the Lord’s. So our role in that seat of victory is to keep declaring our victory in Christ because we can see the game plan of the enemy and we know what strategy to use in order to counter attack Him. Scripture says we are not ignorant of the devices, wiles, schemes, the game plan of the enemy.

However, this knowledge of the enemy’s game plan is for those who are in that seat of victory located IN CHRIST. Anywhere outside this seat is ignorance of the enemy’s game plan and eventual defeat. Until Gideon knew what was going on in the camp of His enemies He didn’t blow the trumpet. Until you are found in that seat of victory IN CHRIST where you can see all the strategies of the enemy you can’t have victory in the battle of life.

The devil throws things at us just like He did Job for the purpose of making us step down from that seat of victory which is IN CHRIST. But God had so much confidence in Job just as He does in us….in the end Job came out victorious. Despite what the devil threw at Him he did not step down from that seat of victory by cursing God.

Many of us right now like Job may be overwhelmed by the challenges we are facing right now(be it that habit of laziness, procastination, lust, worry about bills to pay, fear of what the future holds, illness, lack of desire to do what you ought to do etc), my encouragement to you today is this: “STAY SEATED IN CHRIST AND KEEP CHANTING YOUR VICTORY WITH SO MUCH VIGOR, WITHOUT CONCERN FOR WHO IS BESIDE YOU AS THOSE FOOTBALL FANS DO AND YOUR VICTORY IS SURE”.

May be the reason why you are worried, anxious, confused is because you’ve not learnt how to just seat, relax, knowing(believing) that He is the one fighting our battles. The way to stay seated is to believe in Him with your whole heart. And if you keep the trumpets silent you will never see God route or confuse the enemy in His schemings.

In the end the glory is to the Lord because He always wins the battle…but we like Gideon must co-operate with God and do all He asks us to do if we want to experience the victory of Christ in our lives.